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Academy Update & New premium

For Wings check New premium added to game Academy update and more ways to earn points for Honor Rank. More ways to get D21 Crafting elements. Check Website news for full update log.
posted by Navmesh - 27-May-2024 15:45

Happy Birthday ExaySRO - 11 Years!

D21 Crafting added. Crafting elements drop in Petra. D21 NPC in Shop Area. 3x Silks and Packs with D21 Weapons and Shields 11x Exp & Gold, 11x Vote Rates.
posted by Navmesh - 27-Mar-2024 18:35

[Fire Crystal] tradeable.

[Fire Crystal] tradeable now. Exchange Scroll [7500 Fire] & Exchange Scroll [5000 Fire] was removed from game, who had this scrolls will find now in inventory 1000 GB scroll or 25000 Silk scroll, depending which one they had, it`s the price you paid for it at NPC. Skill: [Flame Wave - God] has been changed. % 268 -> 330 Added DMG Reduce -15% Max Targets 1 -> 6 mobs Delay 4 -> 13 Seconds
posted by Navmesh - 08-Mar-2024 10:58

Reborn cap 245, events ended.

Rates event for silks, vote, exp ended today. Box and Hearts will not drop anymore. Exchange this items with So-Ok until 7 March. Use [Bitch Heart] until 7 March also. Reborn Cap increased to 245
posted by Navmesh - 01-Mar-2024 10:03

Broken Heart & Boxes Event

Rebons cap is 240 now. Rates Exp 5x, Vote 5x, Silks +50% bonus. Broken Heart and Boxes Event available now. Boxes drop from any monster of your level, while Left & Right Heart drop only in Petra map from Flame Bitches. Talk to So-Ok, You need both Left & Right Heart items to get Bitch Heart. You can get: Fire Scroll 50/100/500 Fire Crystal/Glass of Darkness/Pouch with Shards 100-500 Ice/Fire/Lightning Imbue scrolls for Pet Silks 10.000 - 100.000
posted by Navmesh - 17-Feb-2024 22:17

Halloween, Reborns, Petra update.

Halloween event started. Rebons cap is 210 now. Rates Exp 7x, Vote 5x, Silks +50% bonus. Boxes (yes, fuck you) drop has been lowered, that s all. Petra Map should show the name now, Reverse teleports fixed. Both City/Zone and Monster in Map should show you location and mobs name. Flame Bitch now will have the chance to drop Bitch Scroll. You can get 10 GB, 5 Speed, Hit or Accuracy scrolls, Fire Scroll 50 or General summoning scroll. General summoning scroll will obviously summon the Unique General with HP 100 Million and it will drop 3 SUN items with random chance from all DG10-12 (including the extra helm type). Global Chat in game was replaced with Event global item (untradeable and Lv. 100 required) Global Mall item (no level restriction and tradeable) price increase to 10.000 Silks.
posted by Navmesh - 05-Nov-2023 18:53

Events ended and some fixes.

Hello ExaySRO, Changes implemented in today s maintenance. Fixes * All Quests text(Reward,NPC,Mission, Scenario) and NPC conversation fixed. * Help Menu has been filled with corresponding text. [Help, Guide, Quest] * Map City/Zone & Monster edited, also it should show Mobs on the map for your level if you tick the box in lower right corner. * Some other UI text formatting/alignment issues. Updates * Change to the D14/15 items sold at NPC that are stacked. With CTRL+Click only one item will be bought at a time now. * Devil Shaitan Exp nerfed and added to drop D7-D10 Astral/Lucky/Steady/Immortal. This adjustment was made in response to player requests to make alchemy on old Degrees more viable. 10x Exp/Gold event ended. 2x Silks event ended. 10x Vote ended and is on maintenance for now. Box will not drop anymore. You have 1 week (until 18 May) to Exchange your Box at So~Ok and spend [Event Ticket] at Event NPC in Jangan or Shops Area.
posted by Navmesh - 11-May-2023 15:06

More text and Quests fixes

Hello ExaySRO, Fixed many Quests wrong or missing information. More Academy not fitting text with UI. Reset D14/D15 Accessories blue option for some players, as they used to change their rings with Disease and Fear to Neck and Earring, and gain 100% resist for this two stats. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 06-May-2023 13:28

Some fixes

Hello ExaySRO, Some fixes have been applied today. Event Devil skills enabled for +11 to +15 Event Flag is now tradeable. Fixed D14 change Flame Blade scroll. Fixed some of wrong or strange text for Party/Guild/Academy/Splitting/add to storage items and others.
posted by Navmesh - 02-May-2023 15:56

Boxes, Devil, Flag

Hello ExaySRO, Boxes exchanges and stack in 1 click. Up to 1000 Boxes. Web Event fixes: Devil Spirit can be upgraded to +15 for max bonus stats. Flag can be upgraded with 8/8 or 9/9 scrolls for stats. GB Scroll price increased to 500k Silks. Destruction Rondo added to Alexandria Grocery Trader Melit. Blue remover D15 works on any D15 item, removes ALL BLUES!
posted by Navmesh - 30-Apr-2023 15:29

Astral Prevention Level changed to +20

Hello ExaySRO, In this update, prevention level for Astral was changed to +20, means if you do Alchemy on an item higher that 20, when fail will drop to 20 not to 5 as before. * Astral D15 price was changed, now is 5000 Silks * All Astral stones in game was changed to Immo * All items with Astral in stats was set to Astral 1 * Voting will give you 1 Astral Bound per vote.
posted by Navmesh - 18-Jan-2023 21:18

D15 Craft for Set and Accessory parts

Hello ExaySRO, Crafting for D15 Set/Acc parts has been added. Check NPC [D15 Alchemy/Crafting/Scrolls] in: Jangan, Newbie Town or Shops Area. D15 Set / Accessory change scrolls added. Check [Silk Item Scrolls] NPC in Jangan. [Scroll of Immolate Set/Acc] Available now.
posted by Navmesh - 17-Aug-2022 18:37

7x Event Rates has been started.

7x Event Rates available for Exp / Gold drop / Vote / Silks Item Packs silks 3x in event.
posted by Navmesh - 15-Aug-2022 15:22

D15 Set/Acc & Max plus for D15 Weapons

Hello ExaySRO, Max plus for D15 wep/shield is +30 now (+26 no AdvD) Regular alchemy can be done up to +29 (+25 no AdvD) D15 Set + Accessories are available now in - Item packs Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 28-Jun-2022 22:50

Box Event

Box event has been started. You can drop Boxes from any mob in game. Exchange Box with So-ok NPC for rewards. For more info check website.
posted by Navmesh - 23-Apr-2022 14:53


Event Rates 9x has been started!!! In Game: Exp & Gold 9x Vote 9x Silks + 9x Fire Crystals Silks 9x + 3x Fire Crystals - check: Silks page. New Item Packs 4x Silks - check: Item Packs. About Server events and other stuff, we will have it close to Easter (17 April) 2 in 1 events BD+Easter. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 01-Apr-2022 18:59

Some fixes

*Fixed D15 Euro Shield transparency from inside. *Fixed Socket stones description. *Fixed HeadKnights Dress glow. Skill animation fix for some mobs: * Desert Thief Swordsman * Desert Thief Archer * Canyon Iblis * Starving Biyatun * Violent Biyatun *Alchemy enabled for lower degrees and Devils/Angels. Removed Zerk and other notification from player chat. They has been moved to Top notice and bottom right feed. Time left to mount a pet after Zerk was activated will be in feed also. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 02-Dec-2021 19:43

XMAS Event Rates info!

Rewards for letters has been changed. Now you need 10x of each to get a reward from So-OK. Regular Rewards: * Global * Repair Hammer * Skill edit potion * 30% Abs/Inc DMG Scroll * Berserker Potion * Evasion/Hit/Speed Scroll * HP/MP 10k Rare drop: * CTF Coin * Exay Coin * Avatars Lottery Scroll [Avatars Lottery Scroll] Rewards changed also, there is new Avatar (HeadKnights). Beside Avatars parts, you can drop 50 Fire scroll, GB, Global. Reminder. All LETTERS, XMAS Weapons/Shields, +65 XMAS Scroll, [Avatar Lottery Scroll] will be deleted from game on 12 January. Rates will end on 17 January (Exp, Silks, Vote)
posted by Navmesh - 06-Jan-2021 21:25

D15 Update is here.

Today we have added new system to craft D15 Weapons and Shields. For a Full guide with pics check Was Added to drop items: Glass of Darkness [D15 Craft element] - Drop in Job Temle and Desert aroud it. Pouch with Shards [D15 Craft element] - Drop in Baghdad and Phantom Desert. Fire Crystal [D15 Craft element] - Drop from Uniques (bound item). Changed low grade Uniques to Level 130 Tiger Girl, Isyutaru, Uruchi, Cerberus, Lord Yarkan, Demon Shaitan, BeakYung The White Viper, Apis, Haroeris, Seth, Evil Mangyang and all Jupiter Uniques. Pay attention that Botting in ExaySRO is allowed on mobs, but AFK botting on Uniques is forbidden. Other minor changes in this patch: * [Curst Heart] max stack -> 5000 * [Mother s loving hand] max stack -> 5000 * [Mother s loving hand] max stack -> 5000 * Fixed text for FW Manager NPC (if there is any attacker or not) * Fixed Icon and text for 30% damage Increase/Absorption scroll * Fixed Name for regular D14 Weapon change scrolls
posted by Navmesh - 29-Oct-2020 03:14

Skills updates

Hello ExaySRO, Some skills was updated. For more information check website
posted by Navmesh - 12-Oct-2020 18:01

Rates Event 3x started

Hello ExaySRO, Today we start Exp/Vote/Silks event rates. Silks 3x (x5 with crypto) and 3x Vote/Exp/Gold too. Silks 2x With Item packs. Coins packs with Silks,GB,CTF,Zerk and Speed scrolls. Event will last until 23 June 2020. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 07-Jun-2020 19:01

7 Years Birthday ExaySRO

Hello ExaySRO Happy (late) Birthday ExaySRO, 7 years ! 7x Silk / Vote / Exp / Gold Event has been enabled today. 3in1 Pack, 2nd Pack and 3rd Pack will have increased rates too(not 7x ofc) This is first wave in events for this Birthday Event, more to come, just need some time for preparations. Tomorrow there will be another bonus for this update. Some minor things in today Patch: A fix for Flame Sword and Bow. Removed XMAS stuff from Jangan. Changed Red Devil from Mall to tradeable. NPC in Shops area will not have Jangan Tax %. Plus 50 Glow edited. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 20-Apr-2020 22:13

3x Silk / Vote / Exp / Gold Event.

Hello ExaySRO, 3x Silk / Vote / Exp / Gold Event has been enabled today until 7 March 2020. Letters event will come on Monday, 24 February. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 23-Feb-2020 21:43

XMAS Letters deleted, Exp Event started

Hello ExaySRO, All Letters was deleted from game. 2x Exp rates will be enabled until next patch maintenance in 1-2 days. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 04-Feb-2020 16:31

X-MAS Event 2019

Hello ExaySRO, Check our forum/web for more Server Rates: Exp 5x Gold 5x Silks 5x Vote 5x in this patch: XMAS Weapon and Scroll to upgrade +75 100% Weapons you don t need, sell to NPC for 1 Billion
posted by Navmesh - 28-Dec-2019 00:23

Event Rates, Letters event started.

Halloween event rates has started! Silks / Vote 2x, Exp / Gold 3x in Game. During the week you will collect letters and on Sunday NPC So-Ok will be open for rewards. From Monday to Saturday letters will drop from mobs but you will not be able to get rewards at So-Ok !! On Sunday you will be able to change with So-OK but there will be no letters drop from mobs.
posted by Navmesh - 04-Nov-2018 12:02

x3 Events EXTENDED until 9 September.

3x Silks, 3x Exp/Gold/Vote Rates for Silks 3x - check Silks page. 3 in1 Pack with Wep/Set/Acc, 100 Reborns, Silks Starter pack 2x (silks/reborns) - check Starter Pack. Extra features for Silks are with 50% discount. EXTENDED Event until 9 September!!! Letters drop disabled, you have time until 9 September to change them at NPC, after will be deleted from game.
posted by Navmesh - 01-Sep-2018 14:29

Database cleanup, +3 bonus, Letters event.

Hello ExaySRO, Start Silkroad.exe to update your client with last patch. Today Maintenance: Removed all chars that did not login from January 2015 (items, skills, guilds) Removed all Alliances because removed guilds of removed chars Removed some HP/MP/Return and other items from all players, added 10 bil gold to all chars, so you can buy back this stuff, is all from NPC Added +3 bonus plus to all Weapons and Shields in game +42(+38 no adv) and lower, +2 for +43 (+39 no adv) and +1 for +44 (+40 no adv) Letters event started, +20 scrolls and immortal and rest consumable. Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 20-Aug-2018 21:02

Flame Weapons and Scrolls

Flame Weapons (and scrolls to convert your D14/Egy to Flame) added. You can find Flame Weapons +35 at Weapon Flame/Egy and IM in Shops Area. This are just new Skins for Exay, not new degree so have same stats like rest D14, Egy A/B and will be available only for Silks. Scrolls to change your D14,Egy A/B to flame at Silk Item Scrolls in Jangan or Shops Area. Event NPC removed some items and moved Weapons to other tab, later to this NPC will be added some items/scrolls for Exay Coins/CTF/Arena Removed all Advanced Elixisrs Class B & C, only D Available now. Removed all LC Coins price (converted to JC) and possibility to buy LC, soon this coins will be converted to JC (4 LC = 1 JC), so just keep them in inventory for now, or sell to NPC - MAX 8 LC coins at once! Or you will lose your gold. Removed 5 Silks price for all D14 Set parts, Accessories and Shield, now you need only JC and Arena coins to buy this items. Fixed Togui and Shipwreck (second FGW), soon to be enabled for some new collections
posted by Navmesh - 11-Aug-2018 16:26

PvP Rules - 30 July 2018

* Jangan South is PvP Area, breaking rules in PvP will result in punishment for your Account (Temp/Perm ban) * - Regarding PvP: - it is FORBIDDEN to ZERK / PK / OUTSIDE BUFF in JANGAN SOUTH AT ALL!!! (if it happens by mistake... apologize, if you don t your mistake will result in ban next time) If you want to PvP with ZERK, go to another location. You re not allowed to PK in Jangan South, who will abuse this rule may find his ALL accounts banned FOREVER. Is not allowed to provoke/annoy players that are doing PvP. If someone ask you nicely to not attack, you don`t attack. This all doesn t mean you have to be a chicken and straight report everyone, try to talk with players firts, it helps.
posted by Navmesh - 30-Jul-2018 00:11

Exp, Silks, Vote, Flags, Bets events ended.

Hello ExaySRO, As announced, all World Cup events ended. This include Exp, Silks, Vote, Flags and Bets. Flags Event winners, claim your prize! 1 Mademoiselle Weapon+SET+Accessories Max Plus&Stats + 500k Silks. 2 Hanoi_1 Armor SET Max plus (+35) + 250k Silks 3 anotah Armor SET Max plus (+35) + 250k Silks 4 xKimuth Armor SET Max plus (+35) + 250k Silks 5 Anlem Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 6 SkyHigh_OG Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 7 GOW Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 8 Doener_1 Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 9 Blondinka Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 10 Allanon Accessories Max plus (+35) + 100k Silks 11 QARA Weapon +45 & 250k Silks 12 DarkForce Weapon +45 & 100k Silks Reminder that Database cleanup will take place this days, for more info check
posted by Navmesh - 16-Jul-2018 14:59

Drops cleanup

Cleaned some useless drop from monsters, item list: * Return Scrolls * Tables * Stones * Exay Lottery * Awaken Cards Now monsters should mainly drop Gold, Elixirs, Weapons/Armors/Accessories, Arena coins, Shipwreck Dimension Hole etc.
posted by Navmesh - 06-Jul-2018 14:18

Database clean up after World Cup events.

Hello ExaySRO, We would like to inform you that after World cup events we will perform a Database cleanup. That means that all characters that did not login from 2015 (1 January 2015) will be removed from server. If you need to keep your Characters, please login Account and Enter/Exit every character you have. It is important that you ENTER every Char and use Exit or Restart option from Menu. If you don t remember password, use reset option -
posted by Navmesh - 29-Jun-2018 10:33

All character stats reset

Hello ExaySRO, All Characters stats INT/STR was reseted. You can add them back fast on website now. Login your acc and go to Account CP to add stats.
posted by Navmesh - 25-Jun-2018 12:10

Academy Update

All academy/honor stuff was deleted. We will have new rules for it, in facts, there will be one rule for Academy, do not create on your accounts graduates to lvl up your academy, who will do this (even 1 graduate, and deleting this chars will not help) will be banned, from 1 week to permanent ban, depeinding on what you have done. Even 1 graduate from own account will result in ban+honor points wipe. Perm unban will cost you 25$ but you will not get back honor points or graduates. In rest, you can grab graduates how you wish, pay for join, lvl up, buy graduates, advertise your academy. For Graduates apply same rule, if you will create new and new chars to join Academy you will be banned on ALL accounts, unban will cost you 25$ There will not be any GM I didn`t know , I will not do this anymore you will get ban, and ban will be permanent. So it`s Academy owners to educate your graduates, if you favor this actions as Academy leader, you will be punished too.
posted by Navmesh - 01-Jun-2018 13:17

Pikachu pet, +1 bonus, Letters

Letters event has been restarted, all old letters was converted to Exay coins. Collect new letters E X A Y and bring to So-Ok for rewards, here is the list: Rare drops: * LC Coins (500kk Gold) * Sabakun`s Jewel * Weapon Upgrade Scroll +20 * Magic stone of immortal(tradeable) Event drop * Pikachu pet scroll (ability) Other updates: * Bonus +1 weekly for D14 Weapons and Shields for 5 weeks for items +39 or lower If you had +39, now will be +40, but next week you will not get bonus, all the rest will get +1 again (4 left) * Flag stats has been added, right now will update them manually every week, later there will be scrolls from Uniq drop to add blue options to your flag, will be 2 types of scrolls, Basic with stats 7/7 STR/INT & 1000/1000 HP/MP and Advanced with 8/8 STR/INT & 1500/1500 HP/MP (maybe also a silks scroll with 9/9 STR/INT & 1700/1700 HP/MP & HP/MP Regen)
posted by Navmesh - 19-Apr-2018 00:20

Dragon Flag system, Max reborns 50

* Dragon flags system added. * Max Reborns increased to 50, all reborns are free now (1-50), After 100 players reach 50 Reborns, we will increase max reborns to 60. * Fixed Devil Spirit at +10 * Egy weapons and shields from Item Mall and Egy NPC will be +30 after you buy & teleport or relog. Item will go to 0 if you fail alchemy like any other item in game. * All +20 scrolls from Inventory was converted in Immo D14 (tradeable)
posted by Navmesh - 07-Mar-2018 03:25

Alchemy update, set/acc scrolls, +11 D14 at NPC

Hello ExaySRO, * Alchemy has increased by 23%, this is acquired by using Premium + Lucky Buff + Powder (and mainly for D13/D14) * All Weapons D14/D13 in game that was lower +26(+22 no AdvD) was upgraded to +26(+22 no AdvD) * All D13 Set parts/Accessories that was lower +20(+16 no AdvD) was upgraded to +20(+16 no AdvD) * All D14 Set parts/Accessories that was lower +16(+12 no AdvD) was upgraded to +16(+12 no AdvD) * All D14 Set parts and Accessories from NPC are +11 when you buy them, so you can get easy +15 now * NPC Silk Item Scrolls have now new scrolls in tab Set/Acc , you can change your Set parts or Accessories from Chinese to Euro, change set part to any other type (ex: Protector hands to EU Ligh Hands). For Accessories you can also change Ring to Necklace (or earrings) with both Chinese or Euro * Glows for +41-45 was updated, let us know if you have any suggestion
posted by Navmesh - 25-Feb-2018 14:58

ExaySRO 4 Years online!

So we did it, 4 years online!!! Birthday & Easter events start. 0) New website design, please report any issue 1) Rates for Exp/Gold/Drop and Voting are 4x 2) Rates for Silks are 3x, Silks for Bitcoins 4x 3) Letters from prev event (St. Valentine) will be deleted on 13 April 4) You can change your letters now at So-Ok, IMMO Bound will drop 5) Letters do not drop anymore, you can change only the one you have.
posted by Navmesh - 11-Apr-2017 21:35

3 March - Increasing Silks per charging at 1x

Hello ExaySRO, Today I have increased silks at charging system. All this price are for 1x (no event) Prices may vary from option and country. Check FORUMS for more info.
posted by Navmesh - 03-Mar-2017 01:34

21 February - D13, Stacks, Letters, New chars and pets

* Events 2x for Exp/Drop/Gold enabled * Letters Event started, KLOX pet as prize * When creating new chars you get D13 SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +16 / Accessories +11 * D13 NPC added to Shops area, SET +11 / Weapon(Shield) +11 / Accessories +11 you can get for 2-2,147 bil * All D13 in game was set to +11 (set/acc) and +16 (Weapon/Shield) All pluses does not include AdvD, if you have it then would be +15 set/acc and +20 wep/shield * All D13 are now wearable from lvl 1 (Euro need lvl 1 for mastery) * Growth Pets stats (HP/Def/PR/HR) was set 5x, hope they will not die now from 1 hit Smile * Immortal D14 changed icon to avoid confusion, same for Set/Weapon/Shield/Acc D13 and D14 are now different, check screens. * Remove astral from NPC Item mall (useless) * Changed stack of some items * Warlock skill bug dc fixed, finally after 4 years rubelgad reported it xD * Welcome Message in game changed to -Site -Wiki -Forum -Telegram links * Changed stack of some items
posted by Navmesh - 21-Feb-2017 05:56

20 January Maintenance!

Hello ExaySRO, On 20 maintenance we have this edits. XMAS Events extended to 30 January *(Exp, Vote, Letters drop) Edited stack of this items: 10k stack Vigor Recovery Grain (Large) HP Recovery Grain (Small) MP Recovery Grain (Small) HP Recovery Potion (XX-Large) MP Recovery Potion (XX-Large) 1k stack Intelligence Scroll Strength Scroll Magic stone of steady D14 Magic stone of luck D14 //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 20-Jan-2017 22:25


Hello ExaySRO, Check our forum/web for more in this patch: Weapon change scroll Weapon 100% stats scroll Weapon +20 plus scroll +10% Alchemy 2 premiums XMAS things
posted by Navmesh - 21-Dec-2016 05:56

XMAS Events 5x Rates for Silks and Exp!

Hello ExaySRO, 5x Rates for charging Silks, 7x with Bitcoins 5x for in-game Exp / Gold / Drop from monsters. More will add this days, this is pre-XMAS :) //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 13-Dec-2016 02:58

4 December Maintenance

* Nerfed some Glavier skills % * Fort Structures HP was increased x5 times * Teleports stones was added to Hotan, DW and Jangan PVP Field (JG South) * Elixirs images on the ground now have different color * Guild emblems fixed.
posted by Navmesh - 04-Dec-2016 03:48

December 2 Maintenance.

x4 ended, now x2 has been enabled for Silks and Exp in game (no vote). x5 Silks with Bitcoins, check web IP Limit changed to 4 Letters drop stop, letters in inventory will be usable until 8 December, after that date ALL letters will be deleted. Next patch will be before next Fort War.
posted by Navmesh - 02-Dec-2016 01:03

Black Friday at ExaySRO (ONLY 24 HOURS)!!! -50% Rollback 100% Stats for Weapons 10k Silks With JC: Wepon change 250 JC Rollback with JC 500 JC for Weapons +20 or lower 1000JC for Weapons from +21 to +29 Only on 25 Nov 2016 from 00:00 to 23:59 Server time
posted by Navmesh - 25-Nov-2016 00:20

November 15 - Server upgrade

Hello ExaySRO, Today we upgraded our server with new hardware. If there is any issue please email Also you can sell in Stall now for 99,999 bil gold max. //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 15-Nov-2016 04:27

Halloween Events 4x Rates

Hello ExaySRO, 4x Rates for charging Silks, 6x with Bitcoins 4x for in-game Exp / Gold from monsters. Also today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 15 November, collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town.
posted by Navmesh - 30-Oct-2016 18:11

October 9 maintenance: +20 Weapons 2x rates

1) All Weapons and Shields in game (D13 , D14 , D14 Bound, Egy A B) that was under +19 (even +0) now are +20 *(+16 if not AdvD, add AdvD elixir and will be +20), enjoy :)) 2) Some Glavier skills was nerfed (% dmg lower for Heaven Destroyer Spear, Soul Spear - Soul, Flying Dragon - Flash, Flying Dragon - Sky ) 3) IM Transport pets HP was increased to 750k (was 500 in last patch), client fixed to show correct amount of HP 4) China Imbue skills duration was increased from 8 sec to 21 sec in last patch, now fixed visual cooldown in client. 5) All letters deleted from inventory 6) All rates for Silks charging, Vote, Game Exp.Gold.Drop will be 2x for next 2-3 weeks until Halloween event. 7) New Bitcoin charging available, all silks for Bitcoins will be 5x
posted by Navmesh - 09-Oct-2016 14:54

September 22 Maintenance - Glavie Skills update

Hello ExaySRO, In this update was changed some Glavier skills, if there is any error please report to GMs with all info. Some skills name was fixed, so please check for this one: Glavie (*Heuksal) :: Soul Spear - Soul :: Has been increased DMG, DMG %, Stun Probability 40 & Lvl 13, added Bleed lvl 13 at 25% :: Heaven Destroyer Spear :: Increased DMG, DMG%, added Division 20% lvl 13 :: Ghost Spear - Full Heaven :: Increased DMG, DMG% :: Flying Dragon - Flash :: Increased DMG, DMG% :: Flying Dragon - Sky :: Increased DMG, DMG% Force :: Lightning, Fire, Cold imbue skills duration increased from 8 sec to 21 sec Warrior :: Concentration :: Critical increased from 17 to 20 :: Two-Handed Arms :: Phy atk power increased from 124% to 130% :: Aura Of Two Hand :: Phy atk power increased from 128% to 135%
posted by Navmesh - 22-Sep-2016 10:17

September 2 maintenance - Weapons at NPC event

Latest NewsSeptember 2 maintenance - Weapons at NPC event Hello ExaySRO, In today maintenance we have added weapons to NPC. In Shop area, Event NPC sell Bout D14 weapons +11 (later +4 bonus, will explain here) for 250 JC + 25 Exay Silk coins In Shop area Item Mall & Egy Weapons sell for now only Egy B Weapons & Shields unbound +11 (later +5 bonus, will explain here) for 10.000 Silks Next, for long time (years) people ask to buy pluses, but we will not sell any pluses for now, instead you can rollback your failed item. How this will work. If you failed your item plus (or destroyed) you can recover it with silks. Your item was +25 you try +26 and fail, you can pay and get it back. This will run on test-mode, will see if it s worth or not. Now about prices Weapons +20 or lower = 5.000 Silks Weapons from +21 to +29 = 10.000 Silks Weapons from +30 to +34 = 25.000 Silks Weapons +35 and up = 50.000 Silks //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 02-Sep-2016 06:09

August 3 maintenance - 3x Silks/Rates

Hello ExaySRO, 3x Rates for Silks / Exp / Gold. Also today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 20 August collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. More updates this week. Have fun! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 03-Aug-2016 03:46

June 17, Letters event

As you may know we have already 2x event for Silks, votes and in game rates. Today maintenance will add Letters event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 10 July collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can get: First 3 days you can get IMMORTAL (untradeable)! Later some rewards may be changed. Other rewards: Global chat Repair hammer Gender switching tools Skill edit potions Abs / Dmg for 30Mins Berserk Potions Exay Silk Coins Return Scrolls MP +10.000 HP +10.000 Speed 400% Roc Balloon STR Roc Balloon INT Instant return scrolls Hit ratio 100% Evasion 100% Resurrection 100% Intelligence Scroll Strength Scroll
posted by Navmesh - 17-Jun-2016 02:08

2x Rates enabled

Hello ExaySRO, In today maintenance we have enabled 2x Event 2x rates take effect on - Silks charging - Votes - Exp - Gold - Drop On Monday will start Letters event, more soon. //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 10-Jun-2016 02:02

Remove your Premium on website

Hello ExaySRO, You can now remove your premium in your USER CP !!! IMPORTANT: THIS ACTION CANNOT BE UNDONE!!!, players should not use this option unless they want to remove the EXPERT PACKAGE aka gold buff (after your premium time expired but you still have the gold buff active)
posted by Navmesh - 14-Apr-2016 03:07

March 24, Bonus +1 plus added

Hello ExaySRO, Monthly bonus +1 has been added today. More events and updates will be on 31March - 1st April. //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 24-Mar-2016 02:38

February 9, Weapon stats increased.

In this update I have edited all D14 and Egy stats. All Attack DMG,Crit,Phy/Mag reinforce and attack rate, has been revised. All stas was increased, don t worry, nothing was lowered but increased =) Was edited D14/D14 Event and Egy A/B Weapons EGY A/B have now same stats as D14 Did some changes at Trade system, Samarkand NPC is back, item price increased so you can get more gold now from trade. For example 5 Star IM Transport Alexandria - Jangan (item cost 6,1 Billions) profit 25 bills, Samarkand - Alexandria (item cost 6,1 Billions) profit 15 bills
posted by Navmesh - 09-Feb-2016 07:46

X-MAS Part 2, read how to get +15 weapons

- Christmas tree - 3 New avatars in ExaySRO - Trade rates (Caravans), Buy/Sell 2x increased - And last one, Weapons at NPC. Check forum to find how to get +15 weapon. Also price is lower, 200JC+25Exay Coins
posted by Navmesh - 28-Dec-2015 07:07

X-Mas Events 2015 and the bonus that I ve promised.

- Letters Event (new pet Penguin)
- Added/Changed some teleports to be easier to travel (Gods area-> Jangan, Jangan -> Hotan, Hotan -> Jangan, Baghdad -> Jangan) - Changed Recovery kit XXX-Large to 10.000 HP recovery (pet pots) - Changed IM transport pets (Elephant, Rhino and Buffalo) HP to 1.000.000 (was ~415k) - Ground snow and Snowing added, but forgot to add Christmas tree

posted by Navmesh - 25-Dec-2015 21:46

Christmas events comming!!!

Hello ExaySRO, Maintenance end, server online. Donate / Vote 3x Enabled. Exp / Drop / Gold - rates are 3x for this Christmas! More will start on 24 December. Merry X-Mas, spend this time with your family! Have fun //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 22-Dec-2015 14:38

Halloween 2nd Part is here!

* D14 +10 Event Weapons at NPC * D14 Roc stones at NPC * New Avatar (General Abshad) * D14 Stones for Enchant Max stack to 1000 * Starter Pack changed for new Player * CTF Coins are Trade/Stall available now * Was fixed +28 Glow * Universal Pill (large) 5000 stack * Purification Pill (X-Large) 5000 stack * White Wolf added to NPC * Fixed Holy Knight red avatar More info on Forums or
posted by Navmesh - 09-Nov-2015 05:39

October 27 Maintenance, Skills fixes

Hello ExaySRO, Today maintenance bring some fixes for skills: * Cure Therapy - Heaven | this bug on server side, wrong value for resist (should be 70% but was 13%) * God`s word | resit % fix, was 55% should be 60% * Vital Spot - Brain/Zero are now Level 13 * Shock Lion Shout, no visual effects on client side. Transports from Fort - Dark Lizard and Behemoth available now at lvl 130 Glows +27 to +30 added, for future updates New Avatar information added, for future updates (Halloween) Other little fixes. Halloween events will start on 31 October (or 1st November) All info will be posted at that date, don t ask now. I think I have one good present this year, will see =)
posted by Navmesh - 27-Oct-2015 02:47

September 1 Events, 2x Silks and Votes

Hello ExaySRO, 2x Event for Silks, Votes and in game rates (Exp/Gold/Drop). BACK to School event has been started for 2 weeks! Collect letters (B,A,C,K) and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can get: New Foxy attack pet in rewards! Other rewards: Global chat Repair hammer Gender switching tools Skill edit potions Abs / Dmg for 30Mins Berserk Potions Exay Silk Coins Return Scrolls MP +10.000 HP +10.000 Speed 400% Roc Balloon STR Roc Balloon INT Instant return scrolls Hit ratio 100% Evasion 100% Resurrection 100% Tomorrow another update will occur, check this post or website news for information
posted by Navmesh - 01-Sep-2015 16:46

31 August Inspection

Double EXP/GOLD/DROP event has been started, next events will be enabled after tomorrow maintenance on September 1, 2015.
posted by Navmesh - 31-Aug-2015 17:09

Summer Event 3 July 2015

As you may know we have already 2x event for Silks, votes and in game rates. Today maintenance will add SUMMER event. Letters Event will start today and will last until 20 July collect letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can get: New Dragon attack pet in rewards! First 7 days you can get IMMORTAL (untradeable)! Other rewards: Global chat Repair hammer Gender switching tools Skill edit potions Abs / Dmg for 30Mins Berserk Potions Exay Silk Coins Return Scrolls MP +10.000 HP +10.000 Speed 400% Roc Balloon STR Roc Balloon INT Instant return scrolls Hit ratio 100% Evasion 100% Resurrection 100% Some screenshots with new pet on forums!
posted by Navmesh - 03-Jul-2015 00:02

mBot fix

Check our forum for mBot fix if you have any issue
with it, or just start using a legit bot someday :)

Please be aware with cracks, don t come later to
tell me tat your account was hacked!!!
I would suggest you to change your password everytime you use bot or share your account!!!

posted by Navmesh - 02-Jul-2015 23:58

May 4 NPC with D14 Weapons+10 Event

Hello ExaySRO, Event NPC in Shops area will sell D14 +10 Weapons. This event will end on May 15. Glows for +18 to +26 has been edited/updated. 4x Rates has ended, regular silks prices has been changed (now are higher). Letters from prev event will be deleted on 15 May, until that, you have chance to get D14 Immortal Stone (untradable). Change your letters at So~OK or sell them now! Have fun! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 04-May-2015 17:48

April 8 Easter and Birthday events starting

Hello ExaySRO, For Easter and Exay birthday we will have 2+2, so all rates will be 4x. 4x - Silks, Vote, Exp, Gold drop, Items drop. I would like to give a warning about voting, people who will abuse the system in ANY way will find their accounts banned and this bans will be permanent. So if you have 3 accounts, you can vote just ONE account every 12 hours. Other events will start later this week, check forum for more information! Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 08-Apr-2015 20:00

February 22 LOVE, 2x Silks, 2x rates for 1 week!

Hello ExaySRO, Updates in this patch: 2x Silks, 2x Exp until 1 March 2015 L-O-V-E Event has started for 1 week (until 1 March 2015), Special Reward: Jaguar Growth Pet (available only from this event) Other rewards: Global chat Repair hammer Gender switching tools Skill edit potions Abs / Dmg for 30Mins Berserk Potions Exay Silk Coins Return Scrolls MP +10.000 HP +10.000 Speed 400% Roc Balloon STR Roc Balloon INT Instant return scrolls Hit ratio 100% Evasion 100% Resurrection 100% Other fixes/updates * Glows 21+ Added * Berserk potion delay 5 min * All winter/XMAS decoration removed * Fixed Event NPC Resurrection Scroll * Fixed Minimap + Map for Baghdad and other Areas * HP/MP Grain Changed stack to 1000 Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 22-Feb-2015 00:02

January 17 2015 Inspection

Hello ExaySRO, * X-M-A-S Event is over, bring your X,M,A,S letters to So~Ok in any town to change them for rewards until 25 January 2015, after that all letters will be removed from game. * All 3x events now are over. * Alchemy changed to +4 100%(with powder) so be aware! * Weapons from Shop area NPC are visible on NPC, but you can t purchase them, I will fix this with next client patch I don t wish to update client now, just because of this, will update on next big maintenance, that will have more fixes and new weapons glows for 21+ Have fun!!! //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 17-Jan-2015 01:38

November 9 Inspection and items stack

Hello ExaySRO! Today inspection have few fixes and changes. Ghost Pet tradeable Item stack for some event items has been changed. Arrows 5k Bolts 5k Item Mall Arrows 30k Item Mall Bolts 30k Skill Edit potions 10k Global chat 10k MP +10.000 5k HP +10.000 5k Speed 400% 5k Evasion 100% 5k Repair hammer 5k Return Scrolls 5k Hit ratio 100% 5k Berserk Potions 5k Roc Balloon STR 5k Roc Balloon INT 5k Resurrection 100% 5k Instant return scrolls 5k Gender switching tools 5k Abs / Dmg for 30Mins 5k //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 09-Nov-2014 16:15

Halloween events 2014 (LETTERS Event)

Hello ExaySRO! We have prepared a thrilling HALLOWEEN Event! You may obtain various items by participating in our Ghost Hunt Event! If you are lucky, you may also get a rare Ghost Pet. This pet will be available only on this Halloween event, do not miss it!!! To participate for this event, please visit So-Ok after you have collected E-V-I-L. Event period : 05/11/2014 ~ 30/11/2014
posted by Navmesh - 05-Nov-2014 04:39

Halloween event first stage!

Hello ExaySRO! 2x Event has been started on our server, 2x apply to Silks charging, Voting, Exp, Drop, Gold. This will be first wave of Halloween events that will be available for all November! Next LETTERS Event soon (4 November), have fun and boooohoooooo~~~~~ //Navmesh
posted by Navmesh - 01-Nov-2014 21:48

2x Silks event has been started!

Hello ExaySRO, Today 6 June we have enabled 2x Silks event. Also 2x Vote will be available for 1 week, this will be available first week of every month this summer. More updates in next patch! Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 06-Jun-2014 00:18

Double EXP/Gold event for 1 week

Hello ExaySRO, Double EXP / Gold event has been started today 18 May. This event will last for 1 week. Have fun!!!
posted by Navmesh - 18-May-2014 15:01

April 19 Easter and NPC Event Started!

Hello ExaySRO, EASTER and NPC Events started until 30 April collect F,A,I,T,H letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can get: IMMO D14, Astral D14 (first 3 days) Global chat, Repair hammer, Skill edit potion, Abs/Dmg for 30Mins, Berserk Potions, Exay Silk Coins,
Return Scroll, MP +10.000, Resurrection 100%, Speed 400%, Roc Balloon STR, Roc Balloon INT, HP +10.000 Instant return scroll, Hit ratio 100%, Evasion 100%,
Mob summon scroll Check Shops area for Event NPC where until 30 April you can get: IMMORTAL D14 = 5JC (UNTRADEABLE) Berserk potion = 3JC (UNTRADEABLE) Any D14 Weapon +10 (no adv) = 100JC (UNTRADEABLE) Mag/Phy summon scrolls = 500 JC (UNTRADEABLE) P.S. UNTRADEABLE, that means you cannot sell/trade/stall them, only storage. Last thing available until 30 April: * Skill edit potion WILL BE TRADEABLE! Don t miss this opportunity to sell or trade them to your other characters. Have fun!!!

posted by Navmesh - 19-Apr-2014 20:45

February 26 Inspection

Hello ExaySRO, L-O-V-E Event has started for 2 weeks collect L,O,V,E letters and bring them to So~Ok in any town. Rewards you can get: Global chat, Repair hammer, Skill edit potion, Abs/Dmg for 30Mins, Berserk Potions, LC, JC, Exay Silk Coins,
Return Scroll, MP +10.000, Resurrection 100%, Speed 400%, Roc Balloon STR, Roc Balloon INT, HP +10.000 Instant return scroll, Hit ratio 100%, Evasion 100%,
Mob summon scroll Other fixes/updates * Job penalty has been removed, * Fix for glows 20+ CH and EU. * Added to drop LC,JC,Exay Silk coins to Rocs Bone will drop LC (1) at 100%, JC (1) 50%, Exay Silk Coins (1-5) 100% Roc will drop LC (1-3) at 100%, JC (1) 100%, Exay Silk Coins (3-10) 100% Phy Roc will drop LC (1) at 100%, JC (1) 50%, Exay Silk Coins (1-3) 100% Mag Roc will drop LC (1) at 100%, JC (1) 50%, Exay Silk Coins (1-3) 100% * Fixed some items stack to 500, for new items in event. * Fixed bug with disconnect when you take wings off from Devils avatars.

posted by Navmesh - 26-Feb-2014 06:35

January 25 Inspection

Hello ExaySRO, Some updates in this patch: * Reborn cap is raised to 40. * Trade items price is increased 2x. * Luck Skill Buff added to Shop. * Glows changed for +20 and +21 items. * Circus Bear (Ability pet) added to Shop. * 4 Avatar sets added to Avatars NPC. * Few teleport NPC fixes. * LC Coins and Skill edit potions are storable. * Newbie town quest fixes, added missing text and mob location button is working now. 1. Berserker Potion -> 500 in stack 2. Abs / Dmg for 30Mins -> 500 in stack 3. Reverse Return Scroll -> 1000 in stack 4. 100% Resurrection scroll -> 500 in stack 5. Moving Speed 400% -> 500 in stack 6. Accuracy 100% -> 500 in stack 7. Evasion 100% -> 500 in stack 8. Gender switch tool -> 500 in stack 9. Global chatting -> 1000 in stack 10. Skill Edit Potions -> 1000 in stack 11. HP & MP 10.000 potions -> 500 in stack 12. Elixirs (weapon,prot,acc,shield) -> 500 in stack 13. Immortal and Astral -> 500 in stack * Other client fixes.
posted by Navmesh - 25-Jan-2014 07:01

December 29 Server inspection

Hello ExaySRO,

Maintenance done, server is online.

Few updates with this patch:
* Fixed DC in Jangan when you teleport. Now you should be able to use High graphics mode.
* Uruchi pet size has been changed (now is smaller).
* Arena coins stack changed to 50.000 (put coins in first slot to avoid dc when you buy stones).
* Drug of typoon stack changed to 500.
* Skill edit potions are storable now.
* More stack changes in next update, you can suggest item stack for other items in this topic Click here: Item stack change suggestions
* Other client fixes.

posted by Navmesh - 29-Dec-2013 05:57

Merry Christmas ExaySRO!

Hello my friends and Ho! Ho! Sro!!! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! May Roc have mercy on your soul in 2014 Christmas Event has been started! Click here to read more about this on forums. Another updates in this client patch: * Removed event letters from your screen (no more XMAS on centre of your monitor) * Fixed So-OK text for current events (and future) * Removed Thunder sound that play even with sound off * Changed teleport point in Shop area (to not spawn under teleport stone) * Removed unused NPC in shop area * Fixed some disconnect issue from skill effects * Fixed more wrong/misspelled text (if you find other report) Other fixes I don t remember now.
posted by Navmesh - 20-Dec-2013 03:56

June 25 Inspection

Hello, this is ExaySRO. Maintenance done, server is online. * Fixed Heuksal Skills - Flying Dragon Sky - Pitch Black - Chain Spear Dragon - Chain Spear Phoenix - Chain Spear Heaven * Fixed Pacheon Skills - 7 Arrows Combo *Stack increased for more items to 500. - Vigor Recovery Grain (Small) 500 in stack. - Recovery kit (ALL) 500 in stack. - Energy of life (ALL) 500 in stack. - Purification Pills (ALL) 500 in stack. - HGP recovery potion 500 in stack. *Enabled Trade for some items like: - Item Mall Skill edit potions - Item Mall Repair hammer - 60% resurrection scroll *Item Mall Transport pets has been enabled. - LvL 20 reqired - 159 Slots *Fixed client crash if you create Behemot or Lizard, later will check this more. And many other small fixes for a better gameplay. Have fun!!! ExaySRO Team.
posted by Navmesh - 25-Jun-2013 02:01

June 14 Inspection

Hello, this is ExaySRO. Maintenance done, server is online. We have upgraded our server hardware, this should help to fix more issues. And because we have migrate our server, please report any new bugs on forum. After few days of stable work we will run some events for our players, something like graphic design, make a video, vote, donate. Have fun!!! ExaySRO Team.
posted by Navmesh - 14-Jun-2013 04:54

May 30 Inspection

Hello, this is ExaySRO. Maintenance done, server is online. * Alchemy +1, +2 is 100% now * Transport pets with increased HP 500k, level 130. * Fort Taxes has been fixed, check and report. * First try black res fix, join forum discussion. * A fix for mobs disappearing bug was applied,
need more tests. And many other small fixes for a better gameplay. Have fun!!! ExaySRO Team.

posted by Navmesh - 30-May-2013 19:57

May 23 Inspection

Hello, this is ExaySRO. Maintenance done, server is online. * Trans pets was enabled to NPC with 130 level. * Newbie town and Shops area are now Safe zone. * Fixed some avatar wings (Cold/Fire) you can fly now. * Bone Roc & Roc has been edited and fixed Client/Server. * Event NPC added to Shops area, first try, will be edited later. * Few Pets (Ability & Growth) added to Item Mall NPC in Shops Area. * Fixed some wrong prices, if you find any other post in forum. * Few stackable items that disconnect has been fixed also. And many other small fixes for a better gameplay. Have fun!!! ExaySRO Team.
posted by Navmesh - 23-May-2013 19:58

May 21 Inspection

Hello ExaySRO, Maintenance done and Server is online. More updates was applied to server, for full list you can check forum. Click to open -- 21 may Maintenance Have fun in game! ExaySRO Team.
posted by Navmesh - 21-May-2013 19:25

13 April Maintenance

Hello ExaySRO Maintenance done, server is online. Caravans and Trans pets was enabled. Growth pet fixed (can`t summon after die). Angel`s Spirit (M/W) White fixed. Silk coins from quest can be changed for globals. Power Dress avatar price fixed.
posted by Navmesh - 13-Apr-2013 12:11

Server has started.

Hello, this is ExaySRO.
Our server is started in regular mode now. Check forum for more information. Rates Exp: 999x Gold: 75x Drop: 50x Have fun.

posted by Navmesh - 08-Apr-2013 19:59

Beta has ended.

Hello, this is ExaySRO.

Beta has ended for information you can read forum. Also if you see this message server is still offline. When new notice will be available here,
you will be able to login.

Thank you.

posted by Navmesh - 08-Apr-2013 13:33

Beta test server started!

Hello, this is ExaySRO Online. We started our Server in Beta test today! During one week we will run and test our server and
fix bugs. You will have access to almost everything in game during this stress tests. After Beta tests, all the character will be wiped, but account will be conserved for you.
BETA ONLY Rates!!! Exp: 9999x PartyExp: 9999x Gold: 99x Drop: 99x

posted by Navmesh - 27-Mar-2013 23:29

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China vs Euro

China 55.37% China
Euro 44.63% Euro

Online:95 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999

Gold & Drop999

Max Reborns269

Free Reborns150

IP Limit4

Server online! 11 Years

Jangan 20% Tax Immortals

bandit Bandit  20% Tax N0_Gu1ld

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief
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Last PvP

Hattori owned LadyGaGa

_Stay_Alive_ owned Q_Wendy_Q

_Stay_Alive_ owned xX_Wendy_Xx

_Stay_Alive_ owned xX_Wendy_Xx

FckUDead owned TORRO

TORRO owned FckUDead

TORRO owned FckUDead

TORRO owned FckUDead

TORRO owned FckUDead

TORRO owned FckUDead


LadyGaGa: WTB>>> 9/9 Dragon flag female

otravesme: WTS 15d Bow +30

chanz: Shard of golden ages tradeable? If so wtb pm

chanz: WTB Celestia Dust + Aurora Shard PM

Hattori: wtb staff 15d pm me fast



MYSTRY_One: WTS D 15++ 30 BOW..2.5 MSillk..


MYSTRY_One: WTS D 15++30 Bow 2.5..M sillk

Unique kill history

Agnus killed Evil Mangyang

54878 killed Launatune

BladeD killed Harrison

wastl killed Geenie

wastl killed Kidemonas

wastl killed Demon Venefica

Kush_A_ killed Cerberus

Kush_A_ killed Captain Ivy

Kush_A_ killed Isyutaru

Kush_A_ killed Uruchi

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