FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

You can perform a Reborn (You need to LOGOUT from game first!) on characters with lvl 130 HERE
After Reborn, your character will be set to level 1 with stats reset! You can add stats on web - HERE
Every Reborn will add 10 free stat points. Max Reborns at the moment: 175
After 500 players reach max Reborns cap, we will increase cap +10.
Set, Accessories and Shields can be purchased from Shop area.

Bound Weapons (untradeable) from Event NPC in Shop area.

+30 Egy Weapons and Shields for 10k Silks at Item Mall NPC in Shops Area. IMPORTANT!!! Teleport after you buy +30 Egy Weapon or Shield, otherwise +30 will not be added.

Clean Weapons you can get with quest "Sea of resentment collection" from General Senmute in Alexandria.
We have in game at "Silk Item Scroll" NPC (Jangan and Shop Area) 25000 (25k) and 100000 (100k) scrolls that you can buy and trade with players.
Right click to activate! Silks will be delivered in 5-10 seconds after using.

Most frequent errors you may encounter.
For more info and how to fix or report Check on Forum - C2,C5,C7,C8,C9,C10
Click to go Forum - mBot & Setup Guide.
Please do not email or create ticket support with BOT issue, only on forums.

How to add Letters to mBot!

This is one time quest, one char can do it only once!!! Level required for quest is 125

Buy Dimension hole from "Event NPC" in Shops area (just 13 golds).
Talk with NPC "Hunter Associate Ahmok" from Hotan.
Choose quest Nr.9 "The Burning Abyss Collection".
Right click your Dimension Hole (Dragon Flag - Quest) and enter dungeon.
Collect all 8 Talismans and you will be able to get Dragon Flag (Male or Female at your choice).
Right click talismans to register them, after all 8 registered go back to NPC to receive your Flag.
To get stats on Flag, you need to teleport after receive it from NPC.

Default stats when you receive Dragon flag are 7/7 STR/INT and 1000/1000 HP/MP
For higher stats you can buy Scroll for Silks or CTF coins (event NPC).
For CTF Coins stats are 8/8 STR/INT and 1300/1300 HP/MP
For Silks stats are 9/9 STR/INT and 1700/1700 HP/MP
Dragon flag 8/8 Scroll with some luck you will be able to drop from Roc and Bone Roc

With main teleport stone in Jangan

ExaySRO Teleport
P.S. Please read description of coin and do not sell more then 2 at once to NPC
Gold Bars is our currect currency system in ExaySro. 1 Gold Bar = 2 Billion gold, So 10 Gold Bars = 20b Billions and so on.
You can also sell Gold Bars to other players for Silk. To be exact currently 10 Gold Bars = 100 Silks to avoid scam and overpriced.

Gold Bars can also be obtainable if you do Daily Quests in Newbie town.
"Ongs in Samarkand" and "Hunting of Kokoru and Periton" will give 10 Gold Bars each every day.

Go to Shops Area >>> Item Mall NPC and buy item you wish (Egy A/B or Flame Weapons/Shields)
After that just teleport or change map and your item will be +30/+35 no Advanced.

Trying to do alchemy without teleport or map change, will result in fail to get +30/+35.

Just buy and teleport or NO refunds will be given!!!


How this will work:
For example you have CharA with 100 reborns and want to transfer them to CharB with 10 reborns.
You can swap reborns from CharA to CharB, so CharB will have 100 and CharA 10 reborns.
Reborn transfer cost 50k Silks.

* Silks should be on Char with more reborns
* Both Chars should be offline
* To request this email at:      exaysro@gmail.com or send a PM in Telegram.

You can buy this Scroll for 250.000 (250k) Silks from "Silk Item Scrolls" NPC in Jangan or Shops Area.
Put Weapon or Shield in Page 1 Slot 1 and right click the scroll,
after teleport your item will be +41 NO ADV (or +45 if AdvD is in use) and 100% Stats.

This Scroll can be used on D14, D14 Event, Egy A & B Weapons and Shields only.

For Khulood, Karkadann, Grande Zielkiaxe, Roc and Arabaia Uniques check this Forum link - Uniques 1st pack
For Kotis, Blendis, Kidemonas, Giant Overlord, Geenie, Evil Mangyang, Medusa check this Forum link - Uniques 2nd pack

Enable Captions to see Weapon type.

  • Flame China Skins.

  • Flame Euro Skins.
  • Check this forum post for all Egy weapon skins

  • Egy A / B images (CH/EU)

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    Euro 44.72% Euro

    Online:122 / 666

    Cap:130 Lvl

    EXP & SP999

    Gold & Drop100

    Max Reborns175

    IP Limit4

    Server online 7 Years

    Jangan 20% Tax GodEatGod

    bandit Bandit  20% Tax Divinity

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    TIMON owned sinigami24

    TIMON owned sinigami24

    sinigami24 owned TIMON

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    sinigami24 owned Niyax

    Niyax owned sinigami24

    Sonic owned SQP

    Last WTT/WTB/WTS

    _Artemiza_: wts dragon flag female 9/9

    VastLord_: WTS 100K ARENA COIN FOR 25K SILK

    XAdoXStormX: WTS 100 CTF Coins................

    Mr_Phong: WTS EXAY COIN

    Mr_Phong: WTS EXAY COIN

    VastLord_: WTS 100K Arena coin for 25K silk

    Dnb: WTB +50 WEP PM ME OFFER

    Dnb: WTB WEP +50 PM OFFER

    KOMETA: WTS dragon flag collection

    Hottie: WTS str / int scrolls

    Unique kill history

    _KALIPSO_ killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

    _KALIPSO_ killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

    _Mariany84_ killed Tiger Girl

    _Mariany84_ killed Uruchi

    Solarsido killed KotyS

    Solarsido killed Geenie

    vamzer killed Kidemonas

    _KALIPSO_ killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

    _Mariany84_ killed Harrison

    _KALIPSO_ killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

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