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1) Weapon change cost = 2500 Silks
You can change your weapon (as example Bow) to any other weapon type (sword/blade/dagger/staff/2H sword etc)
Plus, blue options is saved, stats too if item are same type (Phy or Mag), your Blade +19 crit on Staff will be +4, and +4 from Staff will be +4 if go back to Blade.
Also you can change D14, D14 Bound to Egy A or B of your choise.

2) Full Set change (6 parts) = 2500 Silks
You can change any EU to CH or CH to EU, or CH to CH, EU to EU.
Full set = 2500 silks, just one part will be 500. But if you wish to change one part for example boots to gloves, will cost 2500.

3) Accessories Full Set = 2000 silks
Change from EU to CH or CH to EU, one accessories part will be 500 silks.

P.S. items should be unequipped in your inventory, Page 1 Slot 1(2,3,4,5,6 etc)

To request this, send email with this info to   exaysro@gmail.com

Item(s) AND plus:
New item(s) type:

or open a   Ticket here.

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China vs Euro

China 55.55% China
Euro 44.45% Euro

Online:135 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

KapaTiwka owned VNese2

whys0s3rious owned KapaTiwka

KapaTiwka owned VNese2

KapaTiwka owned VNese2

KapaTiwka owned Velvet_SkY

Velvet_SkY owned VNese2

KapaTiwka owned VNese2

ParrPanGel owned whys0s3rious

whys0s3rious owned ParrPanGel

ParrPanGel owned whys0s3rious


_GoGy_: WTS blade + 26 100% pm me

_GoGy_: WTB shield + 28 or + 29 or + 30 pm me

Nr1Noob: WTS staff +30

_GoGy_: WTT 300 jc for 2500 silk pm me

_GoGy_: WTB 2500 silk pm me

_Percy_: wtb 25k silks pm

CosinusPhi: wtb globals :)

Nymeria: WTT set 14d + 20/19/18 and acc set 14d + 17 FOR??? pm m

Nymeria: WTS or WTT any wep 14d + 40 and any shield 14d + 40 and

DayNine: WTB 4k silk xD

Unique kill history

KONDOR killed BendiS

F4T4L killed Thief Boss Kalia

LAW_JUSTICE killed SoSo Viper [Titan]

KONDOR killed Geenie

KONDOR killed Demon Venefica

KONDOR killed Launatune

F4T4L killed GebeleiziS

F4T4L killed KotyS

KONDOR killed Isyutaru

KONDOR killed Uruchi