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Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.03% China
Euro 44.97% Euro

Online:129 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999 x6 Event

Gold & Drop75 x6 Event

Max Reborns150

IP Limit4

Server online 6 Years

Jangan 20% Tax GodEatGod

bandit Bandit  20% Tax TheExplorers

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

Momay owned Isla

Momay owned Isla

Momay owned Isla

Momay owned Isla

Momay owned Isla

Velvet_SkY owned Glinda

Velvet_SkY owned Glinda

Glinda owned Velvet_SkY

Velvet_SkY owned Glinda

Glinda owned Velvet_SkY


Maras_otu: wts +20 acc set

Partyplz: WTB dragon flag and acc+35

ShiroyaSha: WTB CTF coins 5jc each need 50pcs

ShiroyaSha: WTS Spear +45 fb 100% for 175k silk

Xsis: wtb +35 set or acce

Arc0r_: wtb arena coin

ShiroyaSha: WTT X3 WEPS FB 100% +200K SILKS FOR +30 SET


_Claymore: wtt/twts shield +45 for crossbow pm

RainingDmg: WTB reverse returns

Unique kill history

Momay killed GebeleiziS

Momay killed KotyS

Momay killed BendiS

Isla killed KotyS

Isla killed BendiS

Isla killed Geenie

Isla killed Giant Overlord

Isla killed Uruchi

777 killed Evil Mangyang

DyRo4ka killed Kidemonas