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Rollback your failed Weapon.
If you failed your Weapon plus - you can recover it with silks
(or destroyed, if destroy you will need NEW item where plus will be added).
Your item was +25 you try +26 and fail, you can get it back.

Weapons +20 or lower = 5.000 Silks
Weapons from +21 to +29 = 10.000 Silks
Weapons from +30 to +34 = 25.000 Silks
Weapons +35 and up = 50.000 Silks

Would be better to keep your failed item, to find it easier in logs.
All this will be done manually, so you have to request on email.

Email with this info:
Item(s) AND plus:
Date/Month when was failed:

P.S. Every 4th Rollback it's free, count them because I can't remember all items I rollback :)

Now you can rollback only Weapons and Shields.
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