7x Event Silks for Bitcoins - available now!!!

For any issue, question or suggestion email at exaysro@gmail.com

All silks will be calculated from amount you pay in USD or EURO for Bitcoins and converted to Silks at PayPal price.

Example 100 Euro = 125k Silks at 5x, so 7x in Bitcoins for 100 Euro will be 175k Silks

Where to get Bitcoins? It's all about your Country.

For USA / Canada / EU (except Germany) - easy and fast method after you verify your account with them is http://www.coinbase.com 

Easy and fast method is https://anycoindirect.eu for Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Italia, Switzerland, Spain, Norway, Sweeden, Hungary.
Bancontact / Mistercash / EPS / Giropay / iDEAL / Mybank / SEPA / Sofort / TrustPay

After you verify your account with them is http://www.bitcoin.de

There are many other ways to buy them, but not so easy, and many will require Bank Transfer or SEPA for Europe.

Some examples:

All info how to use this services you can find on their websites.

After you bought your Bitcoins
 (you can buy any amount of them, you don't have to buy 1 bitcoin because this cost ~700$ or ~650€, you can buy only 0.1 Bitcoins for ~65€, or 0,01 = 6,5€ etc)
must email exaysro@gmail.com for further instructions.

For any question email exaysro@gmail.com or join our forums discussion!
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