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New Rollback system, Set and accessories

Hello ExaySRO,

As I told you before, there will be some changes in Rollback system.
But first, Item / Accessories change (exchange system) will not be available for some time.

Let's get back to Rollbacks.

For Weapons and Shields
Before: 1,2,3 paid - 4th free rollback
Now: 1,2,3 paid - 4th free rollback +1 bonus plus, 10th Rollback bonus +5
For example you have failed at +33 (to +34), you get free 4th rollback and item +34
If this was your 10th rollback and your item was +33 you will get +38 item after rollback.
If your item is +43 and you have 10th rollback with +5 bonus, you will get only +45 max plus allowed.
MAX WEAPON/SHIELD PLUS is limited to +45 with AdvD or +41 without AdvD (was +40). 41-45 rollback price 100k
All this applies only for new rollbacks from 23 January 2018.

For Set parts and Accessories

Rollback price for Set part or Accessories will be = with item plus.
Example: you failed Hands or Ring from +15 to +16, rollback to +15 will cost 15000 (+16 will be 16000 and so on).
Every 4th rollback is free and bonus +1 to item.
Every 10th rollback is free and bonus +3 to item.
For Set parts and Accessories rollbacks will be limited to 10 tries only!
MAX Set part/Accessories PLUS is limited to +35 with AdvD or +31 without AdvD.

Egy NPC 10k items bonus plus and rollbacks not available anymore from today.

For any questions you can contact me on email: Click to send or in Telegram @Navmesh

posted by Navmesh - 23-Jan-2018 20:14

Return of the Jedi Navmesh

Hello ExaySRO,

It have been a long time since I have announced any update.
There was no summer,halloween or xmas event because I was too busy with my real life.
I was quite active in Telegram and emails only, not in game.
We're moving straight to 5 years online of ExaySRO, this scares me, really :)

I never thought that a hobby server can survive so long, but maybe that was the trick.
I am back home now, and will be able to answer email requests faster.

This week I will think what we can do, but one thing you can be sure, there will be some Alchemy changes..
yes yes, finally after all that years, bad admin Navmesh will give people better alchemy rates :)

There will be also some changes in Letters event, silks event, some scrolls for item change.
Rollback system will be changed a little too (in good way) and something else, we never had on Exay.

Some changes to D14 armors/accessories at NPC, to be easier to do alchemy.
Egy A/B bonus will be gone after next update.


posted by Navmesh - 17-Jan-2018 14:30

ExaySRO PVP event.

Hello ExaySRO,
This Sunday, 14.01.2018, at 22:00 server time after Fortress War, we will host PVP event.
You can learn details and register here : Forums: Registration to PVP event at 14.01.2018

Good luck!!!


posted by Navmesh - 07-Jan-2018 22:34

New GM in game, welcome!

Hello ExaySRO,

We have few new GMs in game, welcome to:


Have fun!!!


posted by Navmesh - 12-Oct-2017 15:41

Server login problem for some regions

Hello ExaySRO,
Today 25 September ~16:00 Server time some players may have problem with connection to server.
Hosting provider have some issues with their network
and they told me that will be resolved asap.

We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.


posted by Navmesh - 25-Sep-2017 14:21

Login Panel

Server Information

Time: in work

Fortress: in work

China vs Euro

China 55.55% China
Euro 44.45% Euro

Online:77 / 666

Cap:130 Lvl

EXP & SP999x

Gold & Drop75x


IP Limit4

hotan Hotan 20% Tax Mortals

Trader Trader
Hunter Hunter
Thief Thief

Last PvP

x_ATENEA_50 owned _PICCOLA_

LORD_ELFO owned _Upy


LORD_ELFO owned BlaaCksOr

_PICCOLA_ owned x_ATENEA_50

x_ATENEA_50 owned _Upy

x_ATENEA_50 owned lShenLonGl

_Upy owned x_ATENEA_50

_Upy owned LORD_ELFO

x_ATENEA_50 owned _PICCOLA_






VaneSs: WTB letter

lShenLonGl: WTB IMMO D14

Anabel_: WTB: PET

PhantonXYZ: wtb 12-13 inmos 14DG

PhantonXYZ: wtb 12-13 inmos pm me

lShenLonGl: WTB immo D14

Unique kill history

Mileydy killed Kidemonas

Mileydy killed Harrison

HardCandy killed Thief Boss Kalia

Trotamundos killed Tiger Girl

Trotamundos killed Launatune

Jimmu killed BendiS

Trotamundos killed Uruchi

robzomberr killed Demon Venefica

Trotamundos killed BendiS

Trotamundos killed KotyS